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Contargo Rail Services

Our mission is to create connections on the track! As an integral part of the Contargo Group, we're proud to have completed the trimodal strategy of the company since 2016. Contargo Rail Services GmbH is the innovative railway expert in the team, working alongside our associate companies Contargo Waterway Logistics BV and Contargo Road Logistics BV.

Our role as a traditional rail operator allows us to link the Contargo terminals with Europe's leading ports, including Hamburg, Bremerhaven, Wilhelmshaven, Rotterdam and Antwerp. We develop and operate our own intermodal train connections, which operate nationally and internationally, with passion and commitment. We're particularly proud of our sea port hinterland shuttles, which provide a regular, really frequent connection between our inland container terminals – mainly Contargo 's own – and the northern and western ports, regardless of the water level.

Our focus is on providing tailored solutions which meet the individual requirements of our customers. Our experienced team will work closely with you to develop maritime and continental transport solutions which are perfect for your needs. Our service is sure to win you over!

Less CO2e

Contargo currently runs 62 trains per week, transporting 5,700 TEU. If the same volume were transported by direct truck, this would require approx. 3,360 truck transports. Conclusion: Contargo saves time and produces significantly less CO2e with train transport.

Contargo Rail employee at a switch. Graphic in the foreground.

Rail services

  • Own block train solutions
    - Traditional sea port of ARA/German sea ports
    - National/international continental solutions
  • Customer-specific product design 
    - flexible, long-term, tailored to your needs
  •  Spot transportation 
    - Empty equipment positioning
    - Block train project business
  • Professional train itinerary monitoring and control
    - Coordination of rail traffic
    - Proactive service management
  • Agency and coordination services

Our customer value proposition

    Really reliable, tailored, intermodal block train solutions
    Network-independent product design, maritime and continental
    Our own IT-aided train itinerary monitoring with proactive communication management and multi-shift operation
    End-to-end solution-oriented philosophy (find solutions rather than just manage problems)
    Provision and procurement of additional services (one-stop shop) within and outside the CONTARGO Group

We're there for you - Personally. Effectively. With intermodal solutions.

  • Communication and process optimisation as essential building blocks for long-term product success
    • Professional train itinerary monitoring and control
    • Proactive communication and process management
    • Permanent optimisation management for sustainable product success for your connections
  • To sum up: We take it personally!
    As well as ensuring punctuality and the reliability of all product parameters, our personal dedication in today's digitalising world forms the core pillars of our business.
  • High reliability thanks to strong partners and modern equipment
  • Service from a single source thanks to our own service offices in Duisburg and the Netherlands

Your contact persons

Portrait Gerd Schmidt Contargo - Head of Digitization

Michael Lückenbach

Managing Director

Portrait Gerd Schmidt Contargo - Head of Digitization

Andreas Mager

Managing Director


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