Digital Solutions

How can we improve and support operational processes even more? By using our specially developed digital solutions that are customised to the company and the customer. This allows us to digitally map virtually the entire physical process of a transport chain. In addition to maximum transparency for us and the customer and smooth, speedy handling at the terminal, this primarily enables greater flexibility and fast response times in the event of unexpected incidents, such as delays due to traffic jams, special weather conditions, etc. As a customer, you gain insight into the progress of your transport and benefit from greater planning reliability.

IMTIS, ERIS, STAR ... find out what's behind it:

Laptop mit Screenshot IMTIS

IMTIS: Get a quotation for your transport needs.

Laptop mit Eris-Screenshot

ERIS: Check the validity of your release with just a few clicks. 

LAptop mit STAR Screenshot

STAR: Shortened terminal visit thanks to fully digital processes.

Laptop with screenshot of self-check-in

Self Check-in: Every terminal visit begins with a digital check-in.

Laptop mit Screenshot Fast Gate

ETIS & Fast Gate: Services for Contargo Rhein-Main.

Laptop with screenshot Webbooking

Webbooking: Book orders independently and check them in real time.

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