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Contargo Network Service

Welcome to CNS - your expert in extraordinary transport tasks!

Imagine that you have containers carrying molybdenum scrap that need to go into interim storage in Armenia. Or that you are faced with the challenge of receiving 200 imported containers and then settling the terminal handling charges and delivering them to 50 different destinations in Germany. In such cases, you need Contargo Network Service!

Our highly specialised team within the Contargo network primarily takes care of unusual jobs and everything associated them. We specialise in creating cost-effective and environmentally friendly custom-tailored transport chains comprising barge, rail and truck transport. You can rely on the comfort of “one-stop shipping” if your consignment requires special treatment, if your order involves different Contargo terminals, or in the case of large blanket orders.

Value added logistics – One-stop shopping is a matter of course for us!

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Lagerhalle mit Hochregalen

Our warehouse locations

We offer various storage services at our warehouse locations in Germany and BeNeLux. In Offenburg, for example, 6,000 m² covered storage space and an additional 11,000 m² outdoor storage space are at your disposal. Our warehouses are optimally equipped to manage your goods securely and efficiently. Rely on us for comprehensive logistics solutions and value added services.

We are ready to handle your extraordinary transport requirements!

We help you to plan routes for multimodal container transport throughout Europe and even worldwide.

Barge auf dem Rhein bei der Brücke in Kehl

CNS Kehl & Offenburg

Welcome to Kehl and Offenburg – your hub for custom-tailored logistics solutions!

Contargo Network Service Kehl & Offenburg

Our locations are strategically located on the Franco-German border and in direct proximity to important cities such as Strasbourg, Karlsruhe, Freiburg and Stuttgart. In this dynamic catchment area with millions of inhabitants and numerous companies, we are your reliable partner for supplying goods.


Your gateway to the world and to a customised transport chain

IIn Kehl, the Contargo Network Service coordinates the entire transport chain individually for your containers – in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner, whether your containers are to be transported by barge, rail or truck. We specialise in transporting dangerous goods and in delivering containers to multiple recipients.

For particularly challenging consignments, we offer one-stop shipping. We also carry out conventional trucking throughout Europe as well as special transports, courier transports and project transports. Our services in Kehl also include warehousing for commercial goods (with the exception of ADR), the management of external warehouses and the handling of customs formalities.

Contargo Network Service GmbH & Co. KG
Weststraße 15
77694 Kehl
Phone: +49 7851 91 19 - 0
Mail: info.cns-kehl(at)


Your connection to national and international transport solutions

In Offenburg, near the French border and Strasbourg, our team organises the entire transport chain individually for your containers – whether they are to be transported by barge, rail, truck, air freight or sea freight. Transporting dangerous goods and delivering consignments to multiple recipients are second nature to us.

We also provide conventional trucking throughout Europe as well as special transports, courier transports and project transports. Warehousing, the management of external warehouses and the handling of customs formalities are also an integral part of our service portfolio in Offenburg.

Our special services:

  • Custom-tailored transport chains
  • Value-added logistics such as transferring loads from one container to another, interim storage, stuffing, stripping, picking and fiscal representation
  • Our own container fleet with cross-border options
  • A vast fleet ranging from Sprinter vans, 3.5-tonners with trailers and Sprinter vans with tarpaulins to 18-tonne trucks
  • 6,000 m² covered storage space and 11,000 m² open-air storage space in Offenburg for contract logistics relating to containers
  • Special and courier transports throughout Europe
  • Swap body hire
  • Heavy goods transports with a length of up to 3 metres under tarpaulin – throughout Europe
  • Factory traffic just in time for production on the customer’s premises

Our advanced warehouse software allows you to monitor your goods in real time. Whatever challenges your logistics projects involve, we have a custom-tailored solution. Contact us to get your personal quotation. Trust in our expertise to transport your goods efficiently and reliably.

We are your partner for extraordinary logistics solutions in Kehl and Offenburg!

Contargo Network Service GmbH & Co. KG
Heinrich-Hertz-Straße 23
77656 Offenburg
Phone: +49 781 93 239 - 0
Mail: info.offenburg(at)
Wasserturm bei Nach in Zwijndrecht

CNS Zwijndrecht

Welcome to Zwijndrecht, an attractive location for logistics companies, in direct proximity to the port of Rotterdam and the busiest waterway in the Netherlands. Here in Zwijndrecht, Contargo Network Service is your reliable partner for special transport requirements.

Contargo Network Service Zwijndrecht

Our dedicated team in Zwijndrecht takes care of the complete transport chain for your containers. This includes direct trucking for imports and exports, either as a round trip or as a one-way option. We provide custom-tailored solutions for containers of a standard size or overheight, overwidth or overweight containers, containers carrying dangerous goods or reefers. We arrange for your containers to be transported by truck, rail, barge or combined transport and take on all the customs formalities and the terminal handling charge.

Whether you are transporting break bulk cargo or urgently need to get a container moving, we have a solution that will fit your transport requirements. Talk to us and trust in our expertise. Contargo Network Service is your partner for smooth and reliable transport solutions in Zwijndrecht and beyond.

Complete hinterland transport

We offer an integrated approach to your transport requirements that is cost-effective and environmentally friendly. As a "one-stop-shipping” service provider, we are your partner for all your logistics requirements.

Extraordinary freight

Special consignments or large blanket orders – we specialise in handling extraordinary transport tasks.

Value added logistics

Our services also encompass value added logistics, which includes setting down goods, transferring goods from one container to another, interim storage, stuffing, stripping and picking.

Our own storage facilities

With storage facilities in Rotterdam, Ridderkerk, Moerdijk, Antwerp, Hamburg and Offenburg, we offer you flexible storage options.

Multimodal transports

We offer multimodal transport solutions throughout Europe and worldwide. Our fixed routes lead to Hungary, the Czech Republic, Austria, Poland, Italy and Spain.

We are the perfect partner for your container transport. Our one-stop-shop approach allows us to find the optimal transport route for your needs and we take care of import and export containers as well as all logistics, including customs formalities.

Our solutions for transporting containers to are optimally tailored to your needs. We make use of the best hinterland network in Europe to find the best routes for transporting your containers. Whether you are exporting or importing, we take care of the planning and execution of transport operations through various ports.

Our rail experts provide the best rail connections and ensure that your containers are delivered safely and on time.

If you are looking for a strong partner for your container transports, get in touch with our sales team and request your individual quotation today. We are ready to handle your extraordinary transport requirements!

Complete transport chain for containers

We take on the entire transport chain for containers, from transshipment to delivery to the destination.


We provide direct trucking for imports or exports, either as a round trip or one-way, for maximum efficiency.

A variety of container options

We handle any size of container, including overheight, overwidth and overweight containers, as well as open containers, dangerous goods, reefers and break-bulk cargo.

Our comprehensive services also include fiscal representation, FCL (full container load), LCL (less than container load), FTL (full truck load), air freight and sea freight. Whatever requirements your transport tasks entail, CNS will support you with custom-tailored solutions.

Contact us today and trust in our expertise to handle your extraordinary transport requirements. We are your partner for smooth and reliable logistics solutions.

Contargo Network Service GmbH & Co. KG
Scheepmakerij 110
3331 MA Zwijndrecht

Phone: + 31 78 6254-600

Your contact persons

Portrait Gerd Schmidt Contargo - Head of Digitization

Martijn van der Ende

Coordinator Barge, Rail, Truck

Portrait Gerd Schmidt Contargo - Head of Digitization

Jerry Krook

Coordinator Warehouse, LCL, FTL, Sea- and Airfreight

Portrait Gerd Schmidt Contargo - Head of Digitization

Rhewin Koendjbiharie

Branch Management

Portrait Gerd Schmidt Contargo - Head of Digitization

Stephan Rentner

Branch Management

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