Reefer service

Reefer containers: Fresh ground and new opportunities in cold chain logistics

Cold chain logistics is an area which requires first-class precision. Specialist knowledge about goods, smooth handovers, flexible processes and uninterrupted visibility are decisive factors in ensuring that no compromises are made on quality during transport. The freshness and quality of goods are essential in the world we live in, and we offer innovative solutions to satisfy the ever-growing requirements of the sector. Let us tell you how our integrated cold chain solutions open up fresh ground and new opportunities for you.

Reefer containers: Optimum insulation and accurate temperature control

We use refrigerated containers – often shortened to "reefers" – to transport temperature-sensitive goods. These containers benefit from excellent insulation and a powerful heater/chiller unit. An 18 kW unit can keep a 40-foot container at a temperature of between -24 and +30°C. Inside the container, the temperature remains constant regardless of the outside temperature, with just minimum fluctuations of around 2°K. The reefer is connected up to the power supply of the means of transport to keep the temperature constant.

On-site monitoring and maintenance of refrigerated containers

Our experts offer on-site monitoring and maintenance of refrigerated containers to ensure that your goods are always transported in optimum conditions.

Authorised service centre for cooling units (containers)

As an authorised service centre for cooling units (containers), we provide top quality and expert knowledge when it comes to maintaining and repairing your refrigerated containers.

Refrigerated containers: The perfect solution for transporting temperature-sensitive goods

Transporting fresh food over long distances is extremely challenging. Our refrigerated containers with integrated refrigeration keep fruit, vegetables, meat and milk products as fresh as possible during transport. For both domestic and international transport, our refrigerated containers ensure that your fresh products are kept safe over long distances.

Top precision and safety

Reefer transports are our daily business, and we often transport high-value goods. Our dense network of reefer service stations along the Rhine in collaboration with Smith Holland ensures the complaint-free handling of our transports. Our services include pre-trip inspections (PTIs), unit function settings (HMC, vent settings etc.), warranty repairs and modifications, data retrieval and steam cleaning. Thanks to our integrated data logger, you can monitor the temperature in your container in real time and can check for any fluctuations.

Fast help in emergencies

In an emergency, you can depend on our plan for quickly repairing defective reefers or replacing them with other pre-chilled containers. We have specially trained personnel who are always on hand to ensure the protection of your goods.

Our services include extensive technical support and services for refrigerated containers including a 24/7 emergency service. We're always there to make sure that your refrigerated containers work smoothly.

We're a really reliable partner for fresh, high-quality transport solutions.

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