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Maintenance & repair services for containers

Great maintenance and repair services are essential to ensuring that your containers are always fit for use. Our maintenance and repair (M&R) service specialises in keeping your container equipment in perfect condition. Our highly qualified employees have many years of experience and can guarantee the professional care and repair of your containers.

Our services

  • Repairing containers:
    Our experts can repair damage to your containers such as holes, breaches and other issues.
  • Cleaning/steam cleaning:
    We offer a comprehensive range of cleaning services to keep your containers hygienically clean and free from contamination.
  • Removal of labels:
    Our experts can remove labels and stickers from containers to keep them in perfect condition.
  • Check of CSC plates:
    Checking and updating CSC plates is essential in order to comply with international regulations.

Quality assurance and transparency

Quality assurance and transparency are really important to us in our work. Our gap-free documentation covers everything from the incoming inspection to the completion of the repair. This allows us to offer top safety and transparency for the maintenance and repair of your containers. We're happy to prepare a quotation for you.

Our ever-busy "container clinic"

Our M&R department, often affectionately called the "container clinic", is always on the go. Each day, our repair experts handle challenges such as damaged doors, cracks in floors and containers in dire need of a good wash. Installing and removing flexitanks for non-hazardous liquids is also part of our job.

Specialised teams at different locations

Each of our terminals has its own container maintenance and repair team. No two challenges are the same, and our experts work their magic at various locations around the world.

International directives and transparent communication

Our processes are clearly structured in accordance with international directives. Defective containers are checked thoroughly, with a final assessment taking place at the inspection station. Transparent communication with our customers is really important to us, allowing us to agree on time and costs before getting started with repairs. Dangerous goods containers are repaired by specialist partners.

The future is digital with COSI!

We use the third-party software COSI at our terminals to simplify the processing of our M&R services. This means that we can work digitally at every step of the process, significantly reducing administrative effort. With COSI, our M&R teams don't need to carry paper documentation around with them. This speeds up internal processes and means that our customers are informed more quickly about damage estimates and completed repairs. Our container checkers and fitters use tablets to further increase their efficiency. We're ready to seize the future of container maintenance and repair – contact us for more information directly at our terminals.

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