Welcome to the world of IT at Contargo:
Focusing on sustainability, efficiency and teamwork

Welcome to the world of IT at Contargo: Focusing on sustainability, efficiency and teamwork

At our company, we set high standards both for what we expect of ourselves and for what we can achieve together.

And what fuels us on our way? Robust, powerful IT. The latest server systems ensure efficiency while saving energy. Our advanced transport calculation software finds the most environmentally friendly routes with the lowest possible emissions of CO2 while taking the specific needs of each individual customer into account.

But that's not all. Our order and terminal systems are more than just technology. They reliably support our office personnel and crane operators in their everyday work. These systems help our teams to go about their daily business with efficiency and precision.

To ensure that our principles will continue to be supported by a strong IT structure in the future, too, we've centralised all of our IT activities so that they can be effectively controlled.

The cornerstones of our IT – infrastructure, cybersecurity, software development, automation, business integration and support & training – work together in perfect harmony. This allows us to create synergies in the maintenance and expansion of our system landscape, ensures the quick and purposeful provision of IT resources, and guarantees the seamless integration of customers and suppliers through EDI connections.

Contargo Open Logistics Apps (COLA) – Contargos unique digitisation project

With COLA, our specially developed operating system, we standardise the entire process from quotation to invoicing to ensure efficient provision of IT resources and seamless customer and supplier integration with EDI connections.


AI & automation: remote crane control consoles, development of our own OCR technology, …


Business integration (EDI & API): automated electronic transfer of business data


Software development: logistics and information are inextricably linked


Infrastructure: support for workplace systems and networks, …


Sustainability: IT efficiency & social responsibility

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