Reachstacker vor einem Kran auf dem Terminal


Contargo sees itself as a leading trimodal container service provider for the hinterland. Our employees can do everything required to quickly and reliably process the transports and services commissioned by our customers while complying with all relevant laws and directives. Contargo's main principles include the following:

  1. We're committed to fair competition
    Contargo is unreservedly in favour of free enterprise and is committed to strict compliance with anti-monopoly legislation. Market power must not be abused!
  2. We're committed to business integrity
    Corruption is not tolerated at Contargo.
  3. We're committed to the separation of corporate and private interests
    Contargo's employees must avoid any conflict or semblance of conflict between corporate interests and private interests.
  4. We're committed to working cooperatively with the authorities
    While safeguarding our own interests and rights, Contargo strives to maintain cooperative relationships with all relevant authorities.
  5. Corporate Compliance (ext. link to Rhenus)