Gruppenbild mit Pappcontainern in der Hand

How we conduct business

We're happy to leave our comfort zone!

It's the only way to...
...contribute to sustainable development!
...noticeably transform the world! up to our responsibilities!

We orient our actions on the targets for sustainable development, which were drawn up by the United Nations. These are the SDGs, the Sustainable Development Goals. This allows us to offer significant value added to our customers, and to actively promote the transport transition as an attractive employer. Overall, not only do these targets set us a guideline for our actions, we also make a promise to our customers and to society. We are firmly convinced that our consistent alignment on the SDGs can bring about both ecological and social changes.

We have made a conscious decision to concentrate on three priority SDGs, and four more of the seventeen SDGS, that we as a company can have the greatest influence on, now and in the future. We deliberately take a holistic approach and consider all possible directions for defining and implementing targeted measures with the greatest possible impact.


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