Depot service for containers:
Safe and efficient storage

Containers are at the heart of global logistics, and their storage plays a decisive role in the smooth handling of transports. Our depot service provides a comprehensive solution for the storage and management of your containers. Here you can find out more about the benefits of our container depot and its purpose and functions.

What is a container depot?

A container depot is a store for empty shipping containers. It can be located at a container terminal, a port or in the hinterland (inland container depot). Depots have a major part to play in the container supply chain, since they allow empty containers to be stored, maintained and prepared for their next deployment.

Functions and intended purpose

As well as providing storage space, container depots offer a wide range of additional services including cleaning, maintenance, fumigation, retail stores, customs stores and onward transport. These services are essential to keeping containers in top condition and ensuring a smooth flow of goods.

Storage of your containers

Our container terminals offer sufficient space for the storage of your containers. Smart storage technologies ensure the fast passage of containers so that your goods always arrive at their destination on time. Regardless of what kind of container you need, we can make it available at short notice. And of course, you can depend on our employees handling your transport boxes with care.

Efficient depot management

To ensure a clear overview of your containers at all times, we compile a daily report covering depot management, check-ins and inventory control. This means you have full control over your goods at all times. For reefer containers, our service stations offer pre-trip inspections (PTIs) to make sure that your temperature-sensitive goods enjoy top protection.

Full containers in safe hands

Whether your containers hold valuable, dangerous, temperature-sensitive or customs-relevant goods, we'll store them professionally and safely until it's time to transport them onwards. Our terminals act as extended gates, so we work closely with you to meet your logistics needs. For more information, contact our terminals directly.

Container depots are essential global logistics hubs. Our depots help to overcome bottlenecks and increase the efficiency of the container supply chain. Place your trust in our expertise to store and manage your containers safely and efficiently!

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