As the direct contact partner for our users and customers, we support all the operative systems of CONTARGO with specialist and technical know-how.

The most important operative systems include:


Our terminal order and control system integrates the data for all processes to do with the movements of depot containers and loaded containers at a terminal, including pre-carriage and on-carriage. Here we optimise all loading and unloading procedures at the terminal in real time, thus ensuring the prompt, economical processing of customers’ orders.

ACOPS (Advanced Container Operating System)

for the booking, dispatching and processing of intermodal transport chains.


This system is used at Contargo’s forwarding sites. As well as the administration and monitoring of customers’ orders, it also offers many possibilities for the exchange of data with customers, suppliers and service providers.


plans the transport of containers to and from the hinterland and is used for communication in the seaports.

As well as providing qualified 1st and 2nd level support of the operative systems, we also coordinate link-ups to new customers and the servicing of customers. Together with users and customers, program requirements in our user groups are noted, coordinated and handed on to Software Development - the demarcation between Support and Software Development is fluid in this respect.

Besides ensuring efficient, trouble-free operation, the tasks of Support include regular training for users, as well as drawing up documentation, user handbooks and operating instructions.

Support is also responsible for maintaining master data and ensuring the consistency of data across the various application systems. This also includes the administration of users and user rights.

How to reach the Contargo Support Team:

Support can be contacted Monday to Friday from 08:00 am to 17:00 pm.

by Mail:
by Telephone: +49 2301 292000

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18 Jul 2019

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