Our tasks in the area of infrastructure range from the care of workplace systems and the administration of applications and databases, to the provision of complete server systems for our sites and applications.

In performing these tasks we have relied for years now on the virtualisation of our server systems on the basis of modern hardware. This means we can be sure of providing multiply redundant failsafe operation in our applications, and reacting efficiently to changed requirements with our elastic and flexible server landscape. At the same time our systems are closely and constantly monitored. If an emergency situation should arise, automated alarm signals are activated and an established process chain to is set in motion to rectify the fault.

We contribute to social sustainability, for instance, by continuously equipping employees with powerful, up-to-the-minute hardware at their workstations. It is important to us to take account of both necessary requirements and user demand. With monitors which protect the eyes and are sufficiently large, our operatives can keep an overview and safeguard their health. It is our objective to have all our sites equipped with state-of-the-art equipment at all times.

We elaborate sustainable ideas and possibilities for future hardware setups, while always bearing Open Source solutions in mind.

Water levels

23 Jul 2019

Kaub 145 -12 LWS
Ruhrort 290 -12
Emmerich 142 -11

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