Logistics means information. Since CONTARGO’s central activity is transportation, information has to be at the core of our activities, too. For this reason, wherever possible and reasonable we carry out the development and operation of our applications ourselves, without the involvement of third parties. Our employees are closely acquainted with their daily tasks and know best themselves what tools are the most appropriate for the efficient processing of our day to day business.

We make use of this knowledge in so-called "User Stories" following the SCRUM model, by actively involving our employees as quasi extended “product owners” in the design process of our software landscape. In this way we can develop tailored solutions for our employees and customers, based on both the cross-cutting, integrated view and the input of user viewpoints.

When implementing software changes, extensions or new developments, we adopt an approach based on the SCRUM model, without regarding it as a "religion". Our aim is always to break down the complex, multilayered requirements of the container business as far as possible into individual components. In this way we can reduce the complexity and make it possible for users to intuitively understand the adaptations. By involving the users we create more understand of specialised and technical problems all round. Development times are shorter, there is better verifiability and more transparency - and the individual components can be re-used.

By means of a powerful integrating layer, we interconnect the systems used to plan barge activities, sales and terminal control, the systems we use to operate, and the links to our customers in the hinterland and the seaports. At the same time we provide close monitoring and support of data exchange via the existing connections. In the hinterland we mainly process customers’ transport orders electronically, sending back status reports on individual container loads in real time and generating invoices by PDF or EDIFACT. In communication with the seaports, which is extensively automated, we electronically pre-announce container loads for unloading or acceptance, thus ensuring that containers arrive punctually at their final destination.

In order to make it possible to integrate all customers, we support numerous different protocols for data transmission, including e.g. AS2, (S)FTP, HTTP/HTTPS, ISDN, Odette and AS400.

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18 Jul 2019

Kaub 180 +0
Ruhrort 315 -12
Emmerich 167 -14

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