We set high standards for ourselves and for our enterprise. Mission Statement The central guiding principles of CONTARGO are continuous quality improvement and sustainable success, with and for our customers, based on activities that are ecologically, economically and socially sustainable.

A strong IT system supports us in attaining and maintaining these aims: state-of-the-art server systems save electricity, our transport calculation software IMTIS zugefügt identifies the most environmentally friendly transport routes with the lowest carbon footprints (CO2 emissions) which are also tailored to our customers’ needs. Our order processing and terminal systems Auftrags- und Terminalsysteme support our administrative staff Sachbearbeiter and crane operators efficiently in their daily work.

Service is not just a slogan at CONTARGO, it is a way of life. Direct communication with users and customers, an understanding of their work and problems, are the basis for a close, extensive cooperation which is successful for all concerned.

So that we can provide ongoing support and continue to back up our principles with strong IT, all information technology activities are centrally bundled and effectively steered. The three pillars of our IT - infrastructure, software development, and support and training - work together and are closely enmeshed. In this way we can achieve synergies in the operation and extension of our IT system landscape, we can make an appropriate IT infrastructure available fast, and we can ensure the smooth, seamless link-up of customers and suppliers to our systems via EDI.

Water levels

02 Oct 2022

Kaub 251 +37
Ruhrort 317 +47
Emmerich 124 +25

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