Contract awarded to SBRS  

Press Release 08 Feb 2023

Contargo builds up the biggest private charging network for trucks in Germany  

At the end of January, Rhenus Trucking GmbH & Co. KG awarded the biggest single contract so far for a private charging infrastructure in Germany to SBRS GmbH. SBRS is one of the leading suppliers of technology for electric charging infrastructures for road vehicles. In the course of this year, SBRS will install 33 loading points at 14 locations of Contargo in Germany. These will enable the trimodal container transport service provider to expand its fleet from the present count of seven e-trucks to 33 over the next few months.

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New organisational structure

Press Release 07 Feb 2023

Jürgen Albersmann becomes CEO of Contargo  

The Contargo Group is re-orienting its management structure in order to organise more networked and sustainable intermodal transport offers in future.

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Expansion of barge activities in Benelux  

Press Release 05 Jan 2023

Contargo takes over Honkoop Barging  

On 1 January 2023, Contargo took over the activities of the Dutch company Honkoop Barging. This includes the management and employees of the barge transport company as well as the transport contracts and customers contacts.

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Fast, direct train connection to the JadeWeserPort  

Press Release 09 Dec 2022

Duisburg Intermodal Terminal announces the Duisburg Wilhelmshaven Shuttle  

From January 2023 the Duisburg Intermodal Terminal (DIT) is also offering a rail connection to the North. Starting on 16 January 2023, the Duisburg Wilhelmshaven Shuttle will run between Duisburg Intermodal Terminal and Wilhelmshaven, initially with one round trip per week. In the 2nd quarter of 2023 it is planned to step up the frequency to 2 round trips weekly.

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Automation at the Terminal  

Press Release 23 Nov 2022

Contargo North France introduces new terminal management system in Valenciennes  

A few weeks ago, Contargo put a new Terminal Operating System (TOS) into operation at the Ports de Valenciennes container terminal. It is one of the first inland terminals in France to have a comprehensive IT system.

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