Automation at the Terminal  

Press Release 23 Nov 2022

Contargo North France introduces new terminal management system in Valenciennes  

A few weeks ago, Contargo put a new Terminal Operating System (TOS) into operation at the Ports de Valenciennes container terminal. It is one of the first inland terminals in France to have a comprehensive IT system.

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Global Transition Award 2022 for Contargo

Press Release 28 Oct 2022

Considering both direct and indirect emissions  

On 27 October, container hinterland logistics network Contargo received the Global Transition Award 2022 at a festive award ceremony. The prize, which was awarded for the first time this year, honours enterprises for their decarbonising strategies aimed at making a substantial contribution to attaining the 1.5°C target.

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Weiterentwicklung der Logistik am Chemiestandort  

Press Release 13 Oct 2022

Contargo Industriepark Frankfurt-Höchst erweitert Terminal  

Die Contargo Industriepark Frankfurt-Höchst GmbH, ein Gemeinschaftsunternehmen der Contargo und der Infraserv Logistics GmbH, wird das Containerterminal im Industriepark Höchst deutlich erweitern. In diesem Zusammenhang wurde die Vertragslaufzeit bis mindestens zum Jahr 2042 verlängert. Bereits seit 2004 bietet das Unternehmen im Industriepark Höchst in Frankfurt am Main Containerdienstleistungen an. Noch in diesem Jahr soll mit der Erweiterung des Terminals begonnen werden, da die Kapazitäten inzwischen ausgeschöpft sind.

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Terminal extension in the port of Voerde-Emmelsum  

Press Release 29 Jun 2022

In addition to the existing terminal, Contargo is to take on another 11,000 m2 area in the port of Voerde-Emmelsum from DeltaPort – the container terminal extension is to be completed by 2025.  

Contargo GmbH & Co. KG has won a Europe-wide call for tender by DeltaPort GmbH & Co. KG for an additional area in the port of Voerde-Emmelsum. In the next few years the 11,000 m2 site, situated next to Contargo’s existing terminal, will enlarge the present premises and extend the quay length by a further 130 metres. By doing this, Contargo wants to expand its services in the Lower Rhine and northern Ruhr area, keeping pace with the development of the logistics location initiated by DeltaPort, with large-scale settlement of companies and the resultant increase in handling volumes in the port of Voerde-Emmelsum and the Rhine-Lippe port of Wesel.

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Contargo and Rhenus receive funding approvals for battery-driven heavy semi-trailer tractor units and infrastructure  

Press Release 08 Jun 2022

A big step for e-mobility  

On Tuesday, 7 June 2022 Contargo and Rhenus Trucking received funding approvals authorised by the Federal Minister for Digital and Transport, Dr. Volker Wissing, for 28 battery-driven 44-tonners and the relevant infrastructure. The trucks will be in service at the terminals of the Contargo container hinterland logistics network, enabling customers to be offered even more climate-friendly transports in future.

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