We follow your cargo streams innovatively and creatively, always seeking new ways and making the trimodal container network even more comprehensive by developing transport concepts jointly with you.

In particular, we offer you the following advantages:

  1. Depots with free capacities, provision of all auxiliary services for containers.
  2. The terminals in Frankfurt and Ludwigshafen will store your hazardous goods containers – whether full, or empty and not yet cleaned.
  3. Our double-hulled, certified inland barges: the best place for the transport of hazardous goods.
  4. Storage areas safe from unauthorized access, compliant with ISPS and C-TPAT specifications, provide safety for valuable products.
  5. In Mannheim, Ludwigshafen, Gustavsburg, Frankfurt, Wörth and Basel we repair your reefer containers and carry out the relevant PTI.
  6. Large transport capacities, thanks to our inland barge and rail lines with frequent scheduled departures.
  7. We transport empty equipment at low cost between terminals in the hinterland – without passing through the seaports – in order to even out inequalities in the container flow.
  8. Our inland barge dispatch department can be reached 24/7.
Water levels

17 Aug 2022

Kaub 34 +1 LWS
Ruhrort 153 -2 LWS
Emmerich -2 -2 LWS

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