CONTARGO was founded in 2004 by Rhenus AG & Co. KG. Contargo concentrated the activities of various Rhenus subsidiaries in the area of container hinterland logistics, and today is one of the biggest suppliers of its kind in Europe. The beginnings of activities go back to 1976.

CCS-Terminal CCS-Terminal in Ginsheim

One Contargo predecessor, Combined Container Service, CCS, was among the pioneers of container transport along inland waterways. With its integrated, intermodal service package consisting of container transport by inland barge and truck, plus handling at its own terminals and other auxiliary container services, it opened up a new growth phase for inland shipping.

In 1976, CCS started up its first terminal in Ginsheim. This was followed by terminals in Ludwigshafen (1983), Koblenz (1986), Emmerich (1995), Valenciennes (1996), Frankfurt-Höchst (1998), Aschaffenburg (1999), Krefeld (2000) and Béthune (2004).

The Unikai terminal in Wörth, founded in 1977 as a subsidiary of Hapag Lloyd, was taken over in 2004, together with the Unikai agencies in Ottmarsheim and Strasbourg.

The terminal of Alpina in Basel, constructed in 1985, came to Rhenus in 2001 with the takeover of all the activities of the SRN Alpina Group, passing subsequently to Contargo.

Ludwigshafen CONTARGO-Terminal Ludwigshafen

Rhenus was also an original shareholder in the Dortmund container terminal, founded in 1989. The terminals in Duisburg-Rheinhausen (2003) and the Kaiserwörthhafen in Ludwigshafen (2004) are the most modern handling depots in Contargo’s network.

  • 2004
    start of operations at the Ludwigshafen Terminal in the Kaiserwörthhafen
  • 2004
    Participation in rail operator NeCoSS, extending Contargo’s interest to include container rail transport.
  • 2006
    Takeover of the activities of barge operator Interfeeder Ducotra B.V. in Dordrecht, NL
  • 2008 April:
    Combined Service GmbH & Co. KG (CCS) and Interfeeder B.V. merged to form Contargo B.V.
  • 2008 August:
    100% takeover of Contargo Container Escaut Service (CCES)
  • 2009 February:
    Service Point opened in Tokyo, Japan
  • 2011 January:
    Contargo Alpina AG, Basel and BMT Basel Multi Terminal AG merged to form Contargo AG
  • 2011 November:
    Contargo takes over the Pöhland Group with six subsidiaries
  • 2011 December:
    activities at the Aschaffenburg terminal discontinued and transferred to Frankfurt
  • 2012 January:
    Contargo takes over six Wincanton terminals
  • 2012 March:
    Contargo Koblenz GmbH renamed Contargo Rhein-Main GmbH
  • 2012 May:
    full takeover of Rhinecontainer (purchase of remaining shares from Kühne & Nagel)
  • 2012 September:
    Mainz terminal closed and moved to Gustavsburg
  • 2012 October:
    integration of the Karlsruhe and Wörth terminals to form Contargo Wörth-Karlsruhe GmbH, inclusion of the Ludwigshafen and Mannheim terminals in Contargo Rhein-Neckar GmbH, extension of Contargo Rhein-Main GmbH to include the terminals Gustavsburg and Frankfurt-Ost
  • 2012 December:
    following the takeover of inland barge operator Rhinecontainer B.V. and Transbox B.V. these are integrated into Contargo B.V. The new shipping company operates as Contargo Waterway Logistics
  • 2013 January:
    with effect from 1 January Contargo gives up its 49.8 percent share in rail operator NeCoSS and now operates its own container rail link Hamburg – Hof
  • 2013 December:
    Contargo takes over Neuss Intermodal Terminal GmbH (NIT) from APM-Terminals (APMT) and changes its name to Contargo Neuss GmbH
  • 2014 September:
    The Contargo terminal site in Germersheim, previously a branch office of Contargo Network Service GmbH & Co. KG, is affiliated to Contargo Rhein-Neckar GmbH
  • 2014 September:
    at the end of the month Contargo sells its share of Neuss Trimodal GmbH, Neuss, Germany.
  • 2014 October:
    Transbox United BVBA (a joint venture of Contargo subsidiary Transbox and United Container Transport), with its headquarters in Antwerp, commences operations.
  • 2014 December:
    Contargo Container Escaut Service becomes Contargo North France SAS, with its headquarters in Bruay-sur-l'Escaut
  • 2015 January:
    Contargo North France becomes the operator of the Escaut Valenciennes Terminal in the town of Bruay-sur-l'Escaut.
  • 2015 May:
    Contargo receives Eco Performance Award.
  • 2016 March:
    NYK Line awards Contargo with its Environment Prize "Captain Eco 2015".
  • 2016 July:
    Contargo founds Contargo Rail Services GmbH.

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