Trimodal network

Our connections to the sea ports

Contargo integrates container transport between the western sea ports, Germany’s North Sea ports and the European hinterland. As a strong network consisting of modern container terminals, our own barge and rail transport lines and a fleet of trucks/e-trucks, we offer flexible and sustainable combined transport solutions and are always at the forefront of our sector.

Contargo network map

Your terminal and service network for the European hinterland (since 2004)

Graphic showing 6 countries
Graphic with container on hook as symbol for terminals
Graphic showing 8 symbols for people with text underneath
Graphic with four containers for TEU

Transport capacities of the Contargo fleet

Graphic showing how many TEU the barges carry

By barge

Contargo's permanent fleet includes 41 barges and 22 push barges, which convey 16,954 TEU. We would need approx. 11,303 trucks to transport the same quantity by direct truck. Conclusion: transporting goods by barge reduces congestion on the roads and is environmentally friendly.

Graphic of how many TEU are transported by rail

By rail

Contargo runs 62 trains per week, which transport 5,700 TEU. We would need approx. 3,360 trucks to transport the same quantity by direct truck. Conclusion: Contargo saves time and produces much less CO2e by transporting goods by train.

Modal split at Contargo

To transport large quantities over long distances, we use barges and rail transport for most of the journey. Trucks are primarily used for the local door-to-door delivery and for collecting the containers from the customer.

Conclusion: the advantages of the individual modes of transport can be used to maximum effect in Contargo’s modal split.

Our customers

Our unique network of terminals and transport lines makes us the leading partner for sea carriers, forwarders, shippers and all other players along the intermodal logistic chain. As a neutral service provider with high quality standards and a strong awareness of safety, we create clear value added for our customers.

ImageClip Contargo

ImageClip Contargo

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