Contargo cooks

Contargo cooks – an unusual title for the project of a container logistics enterprise. Usually, Contargo deals with big heavy loads, containers, tonnes, trucks, cranes, trains and ships.

Apart from our normal work as specialists in environmentally friendly container transport, we reflected on what it is that makes the Contargo Team so lively. One aspect is our diversity, and one is the fact that we are all people working towards a common goal: to inspire our customers with enthusiasm.

Get to know another side of us – accompany us on a culinary journey along the scene of our activities: the Rhine. We have compiled a cookbook for you, containing our employees¬’ favourite recipes and regional specialities – with some useful hints on how to succeed!

Together with you, our clients and employees, we want to try out the tastiest and most interesting recipes. Could this be a new form of business lunch?

We hope you’ll have a great deal of enjoyment reading, buying, cooking and tasting!



Kaub 148 -1 SBE
Köln 259 -2
Ruhrort 366 +0
Emmerich 212 -4

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