Contargo Waterway Logistics BV

Almost all the barge activities of Contargo are bundled under the company Contargo Waterway Logistics BV, registered in Zwijndrecht (Netherlands). The core activities of the enterprise include barge lines with fixed routes and schedules connecting the inland terminals on the Rhine and Main with the western seaports (Antwerp-Rotterdam-Amsterdam).

Thanks to Contargo’s inland terminals at numerous different locations and the high frequency of departure of our barges, we can offer you many possibilities for the optimal positioning of your empty containers.

Transbox & Contargo Transbox BV

Our activities in Benelux are marketed under the brand name of Transbox.

The activities of Transbox include interconnecting the most important seaports and the various terminals in the Rotterdam region. Barge transports in Belgium, and transports between the seaport terminals in the Port of Antwerp, are carried out by our subsidiary Contargo Transbox BV, with its headquarters in Antwerp.

With our modern, versatile fleet we offer regular departures:

  • We have a high-frequency schedule between the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp, to and from all major terminals.
  • Within the seaports of Rotterdam and Antwerp we run daily connections between the various terminals, enabling us to react fast and flexibly to your requests.
  • We have a fixed schedule connecting the ports of Genk, Terneuzen and Wielsbeke with the port of Antwerp.

We can provide interconnections between other destinations in Benelux on request.

Our service also includes the sale and purchase of containers. Via our barge lines we can deliver containers from the seaport terminals to many destinations in the hinterland.

As a part of Contargo Waterway Logistics, Transbox and Contargo Transbox BV offer the same service quality as Contargo. These companies also have access to the trimodal Contargo network and its services, for instance the use of other transport modes to perform transports within Europe.

Contact our team of specialists with your questions. They will always find the right solution for you!

From Amsterdam to Basel

We have direct, scheduled barge services serving almost all terminals in the seaports of Rotterdam, Antwerp and Dunkirk and our advantages are maximised along the Rhine and its tributaries. Our network of barge lines links the western seaports with the terminals along the Rhine, its tributaries and the whole European Canal Zone.

The western seaports of Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Antwerp and Zeebrugge are the most important interfaces for container import and export. Thus Contargo’s network of transport lines in the hinterland links up with these, but also ties in the northern ports of Hamburg, Bremen and Bremerhaven. Northern France is also served from Rotterdam and Antwerp.

Reliable, economical and eco-friendly

Our barges sail with high frequency at a reliable speed. Thus the transit time between the western seaports and Basel averages 4 days for exports and 5.5 days for imports; between Rotterdam and Duisburg we need a net transit time of only 1.5 days for exports and 2.5 days for imports.

We aim to take as many transports as possible off the roads and onto other transport modes. Our close-knit network of terminals means that we can cover the optimal distance by barge, in a modal split. This is advantageous for our customers as it cuts costs, and good for the environment because transport by barge reduces CO2 emissions per tonne/km.

Every day, trucks using the German roads cause approximately 200 million Euros of damage to the national economy. Every day in traffic jams, 13 million working hours are lost and 33 million litres of diesel fuel ‘go up in smoke’. When it comes to respect for the environment, ships win every time, and inland waterways have no traffic jams or Sunday driving bans.

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22 Sep 2023

Kaub 122 -2 LWS
Köln 183 +8 LWS
Ruhrort 273 +6 LWS
Emmerich 112 -1

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