Clever Combination

The Contargo network optimally combines the inter-system advantages of the three transport modes inland waterway, rail and road:

The Inland barge as a reliable, low-priced, environmentally friendly transport mode, with fixed scheduled sailings, serves almost every terminal at the ARA-ports direct and shows its advantages along the Rhine.

The Train connects the Contargo terminals with the seaports of Hamburg, Bremerhaven, Rotterdam and Antwerp, and provides transport across Europe.

Der Truck is a fast, flexible partner over short distances. By skilfully combining these three transport modes, we coordinate the delivery wishes of our customers optimally with aspects of ecology and economy.

Der Direct trucking completes our offer. The Hamburg-Antwerp Range and European hinterland are accessible to our customers at any time.

The consistent result: goods arrive punctually at their destination with a minimum use of resources and at an optimal price.

Water levels

05 Feb 2023

Kaub 195 +19
Köln 314 +25
Ruhrort 433 +10
Emmerich 267 +14

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