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In order to transport your temperature sensitive goods, Contargo uses "Refrigerated Container" or in short words Reefer. Reefer are extra isolated and equipped with either a heating or a cooling unit. The 18 kW- power unit is able to maintain a temperature between -24 to +30°C in a 40 Foot Container.

The Modulator asures that the temperature inside the container stays constant, regardless of the outside temperature (with a temperature range of 2°K). The Reefer is connected to the power source of the Transportation vehicle.

Contargo is transporting around 100 Reefer per week. As a matter of fact goods wich are transported in those Reefers are normally high value goods. So Contargo (in coopoeration with Smith Holland), setted up a close and funkcioning Network of Reefer-Servicestations.


Our Service includes "Pre-Trip Inspection“ (PTI), Unit Function Settings (HMC, Vent, etc.), Warranty-repairs and modifications, Data Retrieving und Steam Cleaning. The precision of our Units and our efficent Contargo-Service plan, ensured that every transport arrived without complains. Anyway Manipulation on temperature Transports would be impossible, as a built in Data log measures and notes the temperature on the inside in realtime. You always have the right and the possibility to check and analyse every variablilitys.

In case of an emergency, we always have a plan prepaired for where ever a Reefer is, so we can repair or replace it with a pre cooled Box. For this purpose we have qualified personal ready to take action ASAP.

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05 Dec 2021

Kaub 150 +20 LWS
Ruhrort 358 +17
Emmerich 182 +20

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