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For the transport of temperature-sensitive goods Contargo uses refrigerated containers, known as “reefers” for short. Reefers are especially well insulated and are equipped with a cooler/heater unit. The 18 kW unit can maintain any temperature between minus 24°C and plus 30°C inside a 40-foot container.

The regulating system ensures that the temperature inside the container remains constant to within approx. 2 °K regardless of the outside temperature. The reefer is connected to the power supply of the transport vehicle.

Contargo transports about 100 reefers per week on average. Because the goods in the temperature-controlled boxes are often highly valuable, Contargo has set up a close-meshed network of Reefer Service Stations along the Rhine in close cooperation with reefer specialists Smith Holland.


The services provided include Pre-Trip Inspection (PTI), unit function settings (HMC, Vent, etc.), warranty repairs and modifications, data retrieval and steam cleaning. It speaks for the precision of the reefer units used, and for the Contargo service plan, that until now every transport has been carried out without complaint. No manipulation of the facts can take place in temperature-controlled transports, because a built-in data logger continuously records the interior temperature of the container in real time. Any temperature fluctuations can be checked and evaluated by the reefer owner.

In an emergency situation, a plan comes into operation whereby a defective reefer, wherever it happens to be, can be repaired at short notice or if necessary exchanged for another pre-cooled reefer. Specially trained personnel are on call to deal with the emergency within a very short time.

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