Exceptional transport tasks... Over to you, Contargo!

Are there containers carrying molybdenum scrap which need transporting to Armenia, including interim storage? Or do 200 import containers have to be released by taking over the terminal handling charges, and then delivered from the seaport to 50 different destinations in Germany …? These are jobs for the Contargo Network Service!

Our expert team within the Contargo network specialises in dealing with unusual consignments and all their related aspects. We assemble low-price, eco-friendly transport chains of barge, rail and truck transport that are tailored to individual needs. You too can appreciate the comfort of “one-stop shipping”, whether your consignment requires special treatment or your order involves several different Contargo terminals, or the handling of blanket orders on a larger scale is involved.

Value Added Logistics – really useful!

Why not make use of our convenient complementary services? We have our own depots in the seaports of Rotterdam and Hamburg, and at the sites in Hof, Döhlau, Weiden, Sonneberg and Glauchau. Both direct trucking enterprises can easily carry out tasks such as setting down containers without a ramp, transferring loads from one container to another, interim storage, stuffing, stripping and picking. We undertake all customs clearance tasks for you within the EU as your fiscal representative.

Your competent partner - also for LCL!

New Routes: Multimodal transports to Hungary, Czeck Republic & Austria!

Multimodal transports to Hungary

Are you looking for container transports to or from Hungary? Contargo Network Service will help you find the optimum transport options. As a one-stop-shop, CNS uses all the available networks to ensure the best route for your transports. We help you with import and export containers to and from Hungary via Hamburg and Bremerhaven, Antwerp and Rotterdam, and the ports of Trieste and Koper. We organize the complete hinterland transport for your containers, and take on all customs formalities as well as the Terminal Handling Charge.

Multimodal transports to the Czech Republic

Contargo Network Services: As a one-stop-shop, CNS offers you the optimum solution for all your container transports to the Czech Republic. CNS uses the best hinterland network in Europe via barge, rail and road, and can thus find the best route for your container transports to and from the Czech Republic – as well as numerous other destinations. Whether export or import, via Hamburg, Rotterdam, Antwerp and many other seaports – we bring your containers safely to their destination.

Multimodal transports to Austria

Our first-class service extends far beyond the Rhine: Contargo Network Services supports the routing of your container transports to and from Austria. Our rail experts plan the best rail connection to Austria for you and also look after the last mile, to bring your containers safely to their destination. We help you with import and export from the ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam and the ports of Hamburg and Bremen.

Are you looking for a strong partner for your container transports? Contact our sales team and ask for an individual quotation now at: sales.crl@contargo.net

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