Dangerous goods are divided into various classes. These classes are based on the main dangers the dangerous goods can cause. There are also sub-classes that describe the secondary dangers.

Class 1 Explosive substances and items containing explosive substances
Class 2.1 Inflammable gases
Class 2.2 Non-inflammable gases
Class 2.3 Toxic gases
Class 3 Combustible liquid substances
Class 4.1 Combustible solid substances
Class 4.2 Self-igniting substances
Class 4.3 Substances which generate combustible gases when in contact with water
Class 5.1 Substances with an inflammatory (oxidizing) effect
Class 5.2 Organic peroxides
Class 6.1 Poisonous substances
Class 6.2 Infective substances
Class 7 Radioactive substances
Class 8 Corrosive substances
Class 9 Various dangerous substances and items

Why is it important to assign dangerous goods to the right class?

The rules and regulations used when dealing with dangerous goods are built up on the basis of assigning the goods to a specific class, group and material identification number – the UN number. Using these designations, as well as other descriptive information such as weight and packaging units, all other important regulations, behaviour and requirements for the transport can be correctly specified.

Who classifies dangerous goods?

It is the (original) consignor of goods for transport who decides whether the goods to be transported are dangerous goods and, if so, how they should be classified.

The consignor is familiar with the goods to be transported and the substances they contain, and can thus undertake a correct classification. If the manufacturer and the consignor are not one and the same, the manufacturer must provide the consignor with the necessary information. The consignor must pass on the necessary information to all further participants in the transport of the goods.

Certain categories of dangerous goods can only be transported when they have been specifically cleared for transport by name.

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