Contargo takes on social responsibility

Our workforce of approx. 800 employees at our 25 sites plays a decisive part in the success of our enterprise. So employee satisfaction is especially important to us. We aim to provide a pleasant working climate, to open up perspectives to our employees and take their needs seriously. Contargo’s social commitment extends even further, however. Social involvement, especially in regional initiatives, is important to us.

What social responsibility means to Contargo

  • High employee satisfaction
  • Appropriate further training opportunities for employees
  • Including employees in decision processes
  • Involvement in regional and social initiatives
  • Retaining and developing relations with suppliers
  • Fair distribution of resources

Green light for our employees’ ideas

For us, communication is the key to employee satisfaction, whether it’s suggestions for improvements, new ideas or interest in further training that are concerned. Our Sustainable Solutions Department is a collecting-point for employees’ suggestions, wishes and questions. We do our best to implement the ideas and deal effectively with the problems. Because sustainability in an enterprise should - and does - live from employees’ ideas.

The department was presented to employees under the motto ‘Green light for your ideas’ and they were called on to participate actively in improvements in the firm.


Health is essential to everyone’s wellbeing. And healthy food and exercise help maintain it. Most activities in our firm – whether deskwork or operating the crane - just involve sitting down. As a result, many employees suffer from lack of exercise. Our sites have made a special fitness offer available to its employees: they pay a small amount per month to attend a fitness studio, and Contargo contributes the rest of the monthly subscription.

Joint project - Contargo Cooks

"Food and drink keep body and soul together", as the saying goes. Two years ago Contargo started the Company Cookbook action. The result: "Contargo Cooks" ("Contargo Kocht") - written by our employees.

This project brought people together. Our employees contributed their favourite recipes and a joint opus was born, tempting people to long evenings of culinary adventure!

And our customers got to know another side of us!


Koblenz sets a good example: flexible working hours for young parents

Our terminal in Koblenz has set a great example - with a bit of flexibility it’s possible to combine career and family. Adapting lunch break times to day nursery opening times, and starting the working day slightly later, has enabled two of our working mothers in Koblenz to combine their job with looking after their children.

Water levels

02 Apr 2023

Kaub 290 +40
Köln 455 +61
Ruhrort 558 +50
Emmerich 366 +20

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