The wide range of instruments at the interface to our customers is continually being optimised:


Order acceptance

Your consignment details are checked and proactive feedback on any differences is given immediately.

Acceptance of full containers

We check that there are sufficient capacities available on our barges and trains and if applicable, that the collection reference is correct. We plan in a timely acceptance point for the container.


All goods are handled by experienced experts. Containers are checked for damage. A sophisticated tracking system ensures that containers always remain clearly identifiable.

Customs clearance

Your customs indications are noted when your order is received and are used as a basis for document processing. The physical handover of the customs documents to the transport conveyor is recorded in our EDP system.

Delivery to customers

You can rely on the delivery dates. If any delays should occur, we will inform you straight away. Our specialists select the equipment (e.g. chassis) most suited to your purpose.


Our drivers are helpful and polite and will be glad to put their experience at your disposal.

Return of empty containers

We coordinate the necessary references for the return of empty containers with the relevant reception depot. We make sure your empty container reaches the right depot at the right time.

Document management

We pay great attention to the correct acceptance procedures for documentation of hazardous goods and imports, and we draw up the transit documents, e.g. T1.

Information on transport progress/ transport hindrances

We inform you of the departure of the barge or train. If any problems should occur somewhere along the transport chain, we inform you promptly.


As your partner, we always ensure that billing is correct and transparent. You can be sure that the invoice will tally with the offer.

Claims processing

If something should go wrong, we put things right fast, with your interests in mind. We like to learn from our mistakes and improve continuously.

Water levels

29 Nov 2022

Kaub 163 -3
Ruhrort 366 -6
Emmerich 209 -7

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