With regard to business partners (customers, suppliers and cooperation partners)

  1. As a professional and reliable partner, we set ourselves the highest standards and only promise to undertake exactly what we can really carry out, inasmuch it is economically feasible and legal.
  2. We want to relieve the burden of our customers’ day-to-day business, so that they can concentrate on their core competences and thus become more successful.
  3. CONTARGO sees itself as an equal partner, offering its customers an important advantage.
  4. We strive for business relationships that are based on openness, honesty and fairness.
  5. We treat our business partners with respect, we are considerate and friendly.
  6. We are loyal to our business partners.
  7. In cooperation with our business partners, we show willingness to learn and a constructive approach to problem-solving.

With regard to competitors

  1. We respect competition and do not speak badly of our competitors.
  2. Our tactics for acquiring customers are hard but not unfair and we do not employ corrupt or deceptive tactics.
  3. When it makes sense for the customer and is compatible with the interests of CONTARGO, we cooperate with competitors.

With regard to employees

  1. Our employees’ satisfaction is important to us and is one of our primary objectives.
  2. We see employees as valuable representatives and as the most important success factor for CONTARGO.
  3. We respect our employees, their expectations and their needs, and we address these with due consideration.
  4. Our employees receive appreciation as people and with regard to their work, in the form of feedback and recognition.
  5. We create framework conditions for our employees which make it possible for them to fulfil their tasks as effectively as possible, bearing in mind the company’s superordinate objectives.
  6. We encourage and develop our employees, and give them freedom of action which enables them to contribute actively and creatively and to act on their own responsibility.
  7. We have a relationship of trust, great openness and honesty with our employees.
  8. We support our employees in their tasks and provide assistance when necessary.
  9. We foster joint efforts and constructive cooperation, bearing the objectives of the enterprise in mind.

With regard to the environment

  1. It is an important precept to us in the services we provide to minimise environmental pollution. Highest priority is given to making sparing and ecologically acceptable use of natural resources.
  2. By using inland shipping and rail, we make an important contribution to conserving the natural resources of our environment. In particular, we continually strive to reduce the energy consumed and the CO2 emissions generated by the services we provide. The measures and precautions necessary for this are to be implemented independently of legal requirements. Measures implemented in excess of legal requirements must be economically viable.
  3. We take care that all internal and external environmental directives are adhered to in our enterprise.

With regard to quality

  1. Quality means keeping to the performance we have promised. Highest quality in our operations secures the existence and further development of our enterprise. Quality thus plays a central role in the company policy of CONTARGO.
  2. In all the work processes of our enterprise we strive to attain the highest quality and we pledge ourselves to maintain the highest quality standards.
  3. We learn from our mistakes.
  4. If something is not right, we make it right.

With regard to communication

  1. Communication with business partners and with the enterprise is conducted openly and honestly, but with respect and objectivity and with a high information content. The information communicated is always complete, reliable and is transmitted in a form that is understandable. We communicate promptly and proactively.
  2. Every employee in our enterprise bears the responsibility for this and is committed to setting an example in this way, particularly the senior managers.
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18 Jul 2019

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