For many school leavers, the all-important question is: " Training or university?" With a dual study course, or integrated degree (“Duales Studium”), you don’t have to make this choice, because it gives you a combination of university course plus training – and you will graduate with two qualifications.

By completing your studies at the Ludwigshafen University of Applied Sciences you obtain two qualifications at once: both the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) qualification of " Forwarding and Logistics Specialist " (in German: " Kaufmann/-frau für Spedition und Logistikdienstleistung "), and the academic qualification of Bachelor of Arts in Logistics.

Unlike more conventional study courses, practical activities are integrated right from the start. The course focuses on methodological knowledge of logistics, based on a thorough grounding in business administration, and complemented by social and inter-cultural competence.

This study course provides alternate phases of practice and theory, meaning that you can put what you have learned into practice straight away. The work experience then forms an input for new questions which can be dealt with in the next theoretical phase at university.

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