Holger Bochow, Managing Director, Contargo AG, Basel

"Contargo is just the right employer for me, because here I am faced with a wide range of demanding tasks every day.
I also like the dynamic, ever-changing nature of the markets and other background conditions, which mean that new challenges are always emerging,"

Ella Steeger, Contargo Waterway Logistics, Zwijndrecht

"As an international enterprise, Contargo offers its employees the opportunity to get to know other countries. I myself, for instance, come from Duisburg in Germany and now I’m working in the Netherlands."

Christian Epple, Manager Business Development & Projects,Contargo GmbH & Co. KG, Mannheim

"After the birth of our second child, thanks to the flexibility of my employer I was able to take advantage of the Parental Leave scheme, and reduce my working hours."

Martha Leuschner, Duale Studentin, Contargo GmbH & Co. KG, Mannheim

"I think it’s great that although, when I first joined Contargo, I was still a student on an integrated study programme (“Duales Studium”) I had the chance to work actively on the implementation of our software program at our terminal in Basel, and help design the necessary processes. The flat hierarchies and flexible structures of the enterprise also helped to make this possible."

Leendert Kraaijeveld, Truck Dispatch, Contargo Road Logistics, Ridderkerk

"What I appreciate about my work at Contargo is the variety. Because our work is very dynamic, we have to be dynamic too. We have to be able to react quickly and show initiative. Our customers appreciate these qualities, and they enjoy working with us."

Alexander Ullrich, Werkstudent in der IT-Abteilung

"As a full-time student gathering part-time work experience, Contargo offers me the possibility, parallel to my studies, of gaining insights into the way a successful logistics service-provider functions, and putting my knowledge from my university course into practice.
Right from the beginning, working independently on projects has integrated me into the organisation, with its flat hierarchies and friendly, informal atmosphere. Constant, direct support from colleagues, and the offer of advanced training and schooling, are two important features of my training.
For me, two more aspects which make Contargo an attractive employer are the high chances of being taken on as a permanent employee, and the entry opportunities for university students."

Ulrich Wende, Manager Customer Service, Contargo Network Service GmbH & Co. KG, Neuss

"In fact I’ve worked long enough – but despite reaching retirement age I still enjoy passing on my knowledge and experience to my younger colleagues.
This is possible at Contargo, despite my age."

Oliver Weingartz, Mitarbeiter Abrechnung, Contargo Rhein-Main GmbH, Frankfurt

"After qualifying as a forwarding and logistics specialist, I wanted to develop further in my career, and now I am doing in-service study for the qualification of State Certified Business Economist ("Staatlich Geprüfter Betriebswirt").
Because I was on shift work in the depot, and the working hours could not be coordinated with the times of the study courses, Contargo helped me out by offering me a job in the Accounts Department instead."

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17 Aug 2022

Kaub 34 +1 LWS
Ruhrort 153 -2 LWS
Emmerich -2 -2 LWS

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