Welcome to Contargo Road Logistics – a reliable partner for truck transport!

Our port-to-door service – directtrucking – lets you concentrate on your core business whilst we make sure that your containers arrive efficiently at their precise destination. Contargo Road Logistics provides you with a reliable partner who can deliver your containers on a just-in-time basis throughout the European hinterland.

We've been established at the western ports for a long time, serving all major sea ports in Belgium, the Netherlands and northern France including Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Zeebrugge and Le Havre. Our fleet is versatile and adapts to meet your requirements.

Our services also serve Wilhelmshaven, Bremerhaven, Bremen, Cuxhaven, Hamburg, Lübeck, Kiel and Rostock. The Mediterranean ports of Koper (Slovenia) and Triest (Italy) are also included in our extensive Contargo network.

Our Contargo Road Logistics drivers are  officially certified according to Good Distribution Practice (GDP) standards, so we are ready to safely transport medicines from point A to point B for you.

The mix of commitment to punctual deliveries, environmentally friendly solutions and flexible transport options makes us the perfect partner for your logistics requirements.


Electric trucks + our terminal network: An unbeatable duo

In total, our CONTARGO fleet of 32 electric trucks travels 1,560,000 km each year. In addition, we use green railroads for the main leg of our container transports. Our dense network of mainly trimodal container terminals and electric trucks along the Rhine provides many different options and combinations for your transports.

E-Truck econtargo auf dem Terminal Mannheim

Service – Terminal Trucking

Our fleet of trucks for intermodal transport.
Flexible transport right to the door

With Contargo's full single-source service, we offer safe and punctual container transport between inland areas and sea ports. Our road vehicles flexibly and quickly transport your goods over the first/last mile to their destination. Our versatile fleets are prepared for practically any type of container at all of our terminals. We have:

  • Multi-chassis – 40ft und 45ft, also for 20ft containers
  • Special tank container chassis
  • Chassis with gensets for temperature-controlled goods
  • Vehicles with ADR equipment

For heavy containers, intermodal transport has significant advantages: Since 44 tonnes of total weight are allowed within 150 km of a container terminal, 10% more weight than is usually allowed can be transported by road. We also offer lightweight chassis for even heavier loads. Our intermodal transport vehicles enjoy certain exemptions from Sunday, bank holiday and public holiday transport bans.

Both the initial and final legs take place on a just-in-time basis – short distances between your loading ramps and our terminals ensure top flexibility. If time for loading and unloading is short, you can use our container shuttle services to minimise waiting time costs. Contargo Road Logistics offers tarpaulin trailers and refrigerated trucks for full and partial lots.

We can provide the following transport services:

  • One-way and round-trip trucking
  • Reefer transportation
  • ADR
  • Transportation with waste transport signs
  • GMP

What we offer

  • More than 80 trucks in Hamburg, more than 180 in the Netherlands, and more than 35 in Antwerp – a tailored fleet of trucks to meet your environmental and economic needs
  • Fast and flexible for the last mile
  • Flexible and just-in-time – daily direct trucks between the sea ports and the European hinterland
  • Service from a single source – a Europe-wide port-to-door service, FCL, LCL, heavy cargo and more
  • Contargo Berry B.V. and Contargo HE ensure the smooth transport of goods within Belgium and the Netherlands.

We're there for you: With fast and flexible trucking

  • A better way to get your goods where you want them: Flexible transport over the last mile, using electric trucks only!
  • Service from a single source: Our services include comprehensive local transport solutions including initial and final legs as well as specialised transshipments.
  • You have the containers and we have the solution: Our directtrucking core business is characterised by flexibility and tailored solutions. With our connection via Hamburg, we efficiently serve the northern ports of Wilhelmshaven, Bremerhaven and Rotterdam.


Capelle aan den IJssel

Contargo Road Logistics Capelle aan den IJssel

Rivium Promenade 100
2909 LM Capelle aan den IJssel 

Phone: + 31 10 3212 700
E-mail: info.crl(at)


Cor Bakker | Managing Director
Phone:  +31 10 3212 413
Mobile: +31 6 10947184
E-mail: cbakker2(at)
Heleen Scharroo | Branch Manager

Phone: +31 10 3212 701
Mobile: +31 6 20 611 698
E-mail: hscharroo(at) 

Customer Service

Customer Service Phone: +31 10 3212 720
E-mail: order.crl(at)
Sales Phone: +31 10 3212 761
E-mail: sales.crl(at)

Phone: +31 10 3212 740
E-mail: container.crl(at)


Phone: +31 10 3212 700
E-mail: import.crl(at)

Phone: +31 10 3212 700
E-mail: export.crl(at)


Phone: +31 10 3212 457
E-mail: accounting.crl(at)


Contargo Road Logistics Hamburg

Indiastraße 1
20457 Hamburg

Customer Service

Christian Schäfers | Branch Manager
Phone: +49 40 2809 725 10 
Mobile: +49 160 963 489 32
E-mail: cschaefers(at)

Inside Sales

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E-Truck auf dem Terminal Ludwigshafen

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