Sustainability is our DNA –
our obligation for the generations to come.

Our guiding principle:

The definition of sustainable development of the Brundtland Commission is as relevant today as it was in 1987 – we need to create a future suitable for our grandchildren!

Sustainable development is "meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs" – the Brundltand Commission.

We've followed this approach right from the very start of our corporate activities. For us, sustainability is a high-level principle which requires the responsible handling of all resources as part of a mutually dependent social, environmental and economic interrelationship. It's our job to create a long-term balance within the natural constraints. And that's why sustainability is one of our corporate values.

An overview of the main points

Current focus

3D Ansicht Barge mit E-Motor

Barges with e-engines

From 2024, we will be using three innovative barges with electrical engines, which will be supplied with energy from sources such as batteries and hydrogen fuel cells. This technology will also give us the opportunity to make our water transports much more environmentally friendly. Initially, we will be starting with a thorough test phase. If the barges meet the requirements that have been set, and if they can be smoothly integrated into our operations, we will start to convert our fleet of barges over the next few years. In addition to this zero-emissions technology, our barges will also be adapted for low water.

E-LKW auf dem terminal vor Containern und Kran

Pioneers in e-mobility

We are proud of our fleet of electric trucks, which we have been building up since 2019. With 23 now, 33 by the end of 2023, and a fleet of about 90 battery-electric trucks planned for the end of 2024, we are demonstrating that e-trucks can be widely used today. Thanks to our green electricity, we save 96% of CO2e emissions with every kilometre driven. We are also accompanying a field trial of overhead line hybrid trucks and believe this technology is extremely promising.

econtargo E-LKW an eine Ladesäule

Germany’s largest private charging infrastructure network

An additional milestone on the way to decarbonisation is the expansion of our own high-performance, forward-looking charging infrastructure. 33 charging points with an output of 250 kW each guarantee the comprehensive and flexible use of our e-trucks for local container transport, and meet the standards of their diesel counterparts in every respect.

Our path towards climate neutrality

For us, climate neutrality means not creating emissions in the first place! That's why we analyse our emissions, set clear objectives and invest in innovations. This allows us to actively avoid emissions and reduce emissions when they do occur.

Mitarbeiterin hält einen grünen Pappcontainer hoch. Rechts daneben ist ein Chart zu sehen

Reducing emissions through combined transport

Converting to combined transport has already allowed emissions to be cut by more than half. If rail transport with green electricity, or barges with hydrogen fuel cells are combined with e-trucks, emissions can almost fully avoided and reduced.

Grafik: econtargo in comparison: CO2e-calculation, example Mannheim-Rotterdam

econtargo: – 94 % CO2e savings compare to direct rucking – a clear climate winner!
• Combined transport: – 74 % CO2e savings compared to direct trucking – climate friendly!
• Direct truck: Only used by us in exceptional situations, when really necessary.

econtargo comparison: combined transport Mannheim-Rotterdam

Achieving more together.

Container on a Reachstacker with Chamäleon-Graffiti


Each year, up to 12 million tonnes of plastic end up in the world's oceans, much of this via the rivers – a sad figure! With true dedication and our colourful containers which travel to public information events, we're happy to support the excellent RhineCleanUp initiative, which is clearing the banks of the Rhine and its tributaries of waste through its litter picking activities. The aim of the initiative is to raise awareness for the fact that rubbish cannot simply be thrown away without concern and, ideally, should be avoided in the first place!

Jürgen Albersmann on the terminal with Jobrad

Promoting health

The well-being of our employees is an important factor when it comes to good performance. And sometimes motivation requires a little nudge: For example, our annual health bonus, a 75% subsidy for gym membership, our JobRad bike leasing scheme and the employee competition "CONTARGO gets on its bicycle". Our occupational health service at the industrial park itself also helps employees to safeguard their health through free vaccinations, health checks and thorough preventive check-ups at the company site. And our allowance for glasses required for work ensures a clear perspective for all.

Team-Contargo Frankfurt-Höchst

Best practices

Appreciation for our employees is a focal issue at all of our sites. However, exactly how this is implemented through actions and processes differs from site to site and from company to company. Contargo's Frankfurt-Höchst industrial park is a great example of what appreciation can look like. The team is motivated and thanked for its valuable work through a range of exemplary benefits and offers.

Our latest awards and certifications

2023: Germany Sustainability Prize

We were honoured as the Sector Winner in the “Transport and Logistics” category, in mobility and logistics, because we had convinced the jury with our exemplary decarbonisation strategy and the resulting influence on the sector as a whole.

2023: Sustainable Impact Award

By reaching 3rd place in the "Impact on Earth" category, not only our dedicated efforts in sustainability were honoured, but also the influence that these activities have on the entire transport sector.

2023: A sustainable initiative of the "DUP Unternehmer" editorial team

With our product econtargo, we created a genuine pioneering product in our sector. On average, it allows our customers to make a real saving of around 88% on their emissions of CO2e.

Team / Kontakt

Sustainable Solutions

The "Sustainable Solutions" team acts as your central point of contact for all topics relating to sustainability.

Ideas, questions and tips are welcomed.

Simply send an e-mail to or phone us:

Kristin Kahl

Sustainable Solutions Management

Kristiane Schmidt

Sustainable Solutions

Portrait Kristin Kahl Contargo
Kristin Kahl
Contargo Sustainable Solutions

It’s important to us that we bring complex sustainability issues across comprehensibly for everyone, so we all start to act quickly.

Portrait Kristiane Schmidt Contargo
Kristiane Schmidt
Contargo Sustainable Solutions

Climate neutrality is achieved when generated emissions and the emissions which are removed from the atmosphere balance each other out. Our goal is to prevent emissions from being generated in the first place!

Alternativtext für das Bild
Jürgen Albersmann
Contargo CEO

We believe it is our responsibility to present our customers with real solutions in order to actively drive forward the transport transition.

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