Dangerous goods are transported all over the world. The number of regulations to be observed is correspondingly great. There are very comprehensive national and international laws, guidelines, agreements and regulations.

In these, the requirements for classification, packing, identification, the technical equipment of conveyances for dangerous goods are exactly described. Organizational measures, obligations and responsibilities of those involved in the transport are specified.

For historical reasons the regulations for the individual transport modes - rail, road, inland shipping, ocean shipping, air transport – are described separately. In the past these different regulations have been increasingly harmonized.

The regulations are continually being adapted to new requirements and developments. Knowledge gained from the analysis of incidents involving dangerous goods is also continually developing.

Short Description Carrier Scope
GGBefG Law governing the transport of dangerous goods Road, water, rail, air Law providing guidelines National, Germany
ADR European agreement on the international transport of dangerous goods by road Road International (in all signatory nations of the ADR agreement)
RID Regulations for the international transport of dangerous goods by rail Rail International (in all signatory nations of the ADR agreement)
ADN Regulation governing the transport of dangerous goods on the river Rhine
"Accord européen relatif au transport international des marchandises Dangereuses par voie de Navigation intérieure"
Inland waterways Rhine
IMDG-Code International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code Ocean transport International
ICAO-TI Technical lnstructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air Air transport International
GGVSE Dangerous goods regulation governing road and rail Road, rail National, Germany
GGKontrollV Regulation dealing with the control of dangerous goods transports on the roads and within firms Road National, Germany
GGVBinSch Inland shipping regulation for dangerous goods Inland waterways National, Germany
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