Contargo sees itself as one of Europe’s leading providers of trimodal container hinterland services whose employees, while complying with all legal requirements and guidelines, will undertake anything possible to carry out customers’ transport and service orders promptly and reliably. Contargo’s overriding principles include the following tenets:

  1. We pledge ourselves to fairness in competition
    Contargo is committed unconditionally to the principle of a market economy and pledges itself to strict observation of antitrust law. Market power must not be misused.
  2. We pledge ourselves to integrity in our business relations
    Corruption is not tolerated at Contargo.
  3. We pledge ourselves to the separation of business and private interests
    Contargo’s employees are required to avoid situations of conflict between business and purely private interests, and to avoid even the appearance of these.
  4. We pledge ourselves to cooperation with public authorities
    Contargo endeavours, while safeguarding its rights and interests, to maintain cooperative relations with all relevant authorities.
  5. Corporate Compliance
Water levels

01 Apr 2020

Kaub 176 -7
Ruhrort 381 -10
Emmerich 231 -7

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