29 Nov 2022

Contargo Road Logistics jetzt auch in Belgien

Mit Wirkung zum 28. November 2022 hat Contargo Road Logistics die Firma Berry BV in Antwerpen übernommen. Die neue Road Logistics-Niederlassung in Antwerpen trägt den Firmennamen Contargo Berry BV und Frank van Berwaer wird Branch Manager dieser Niederlassung.

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29 Nov 2022

Restrictions in Rotterdam and Antwerp due to fog

Photo: Braxart

At present there is heavy fog in the ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam. This is leading to delays in handling. At some individual terminals operations have been suspended altogether:

Antwerp: 1718, 1742, 1700 und 913

Rotterdam: APM2, DDE/-N und EUMAX

Beware of fraud! Contargo does not sell new or used containers on Ebay or Facebook. Please be vigilant and speak to us directly.

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Water levels

06 Dec 2022

Kaub 127 -10 LWS
Ruhrort 311 +3
Emmerich 147 -5

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