11 Feb 2019

General strike in Belgium

In Belgium a nationwide general strike has been announced to take place on 13 February 2019. This will also affect the Port of Antwerp. Please note that on that day it will not be possible to collect or deliver containers in the port.

We will try to arrange our services so as to avoid calling at the Port of Antwerp on that day. However we are afraid that, following the strike, there might be further bottlenecks in the handling of our barges, trains and trucks.




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07 Feb 2019

 From Idea to App: Multimedia story Contargo IT is online

Logistics no longer just consists in delivering goods at the right time to the right place. It also has to provide data. For instance: Which truck is at the terminal just now, and where is the relevant container? To make handling at our terminals even more efficient we are in the process of introducing a Terminal Operating System. The software for this is our own development.

For all those who are interested in the question of why we develop software ourselves, how we do it and how the product is introduced in practice, we have created a multimedia story. Click here and find out more about this area of our work.


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Water levels

16 Feb 2019

Kaub 206 -21
Ruhrort 497 -44
Emmerich 365 -37

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