18 Mar 2019

Rotterdam union has announced action for today

The union of Rotterdam port workers plans to take action today in protest against low pay rises.

It is not yet clear how the action will be carried out or what form it will take, or what effect it will have on operations in the seaport terminals.

However, a 24-hour strike is a possibility.

We will inform you as soon as the situation becomes clearer.

14 Mar 2019

Storm fronts: the outlook

Yesterday there was a lessening of the wind for a short time, followed by the arrival of storm front "Franz".
Up to now "Franz" has only affected operations in the coastal regions, particularly in the seaports.
Now two more storm fronts, "Gebhard" and "Heinz", are approaching from the west, preceding the calmer weather that is forecast for the weekend.

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19 Mar 2019

Kaub 468 -5
Ruhrort 796 +17
Emmerich 612 +55

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