05 Sep 2023

Contargo Industriepark Frankfurt-Höchst: Changes in the rail schedule

From 4 September 2023, there have been slight changes in the rail schedule of the terminal Contargo Industriepark Frankfurt-Höchst. The RWG terminal in Rotterdam will no longer be served by the Saturday departure, but is now included in the Thursday departure. The Euromax terminal, which was previously served by the Thursday departure, will now be served by the Saturday departure. Please take account of this change in your planning. lease contact a Contargo representative for further information.

Beware of fraud! Contargo does not sell new or used containers on Ebay or Facebook. Please be vigilant and speak to us directly.

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Water levels

24 Sep 2023

Kaub 141 +7 LWS
Köln 196 +9
Ruhrort 285 +2 LWS
Emmerich 124 +2

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