Contargo is one of the leading, neutral service providers for container logistics in the European hinterland. With a close-knit network of its own terminals and transport lines, Contargo links the seaports in Western Europe with the European hinterland. The container specialist combines the inter-system advantages of the transport modes inland barge, rail and truck.

Persistent Fog in Hamburg

shutterstock 17118473021.11.2014 | Work has been temporarily stopped at the terminals of CTB and Eurogate, due to thick fog.

It is planned to resume the loading of Contargo Network Logistics trains at 16:30 today. However, due to the weather conditions and the potential handling backlog, further delays have to be expected.

Since Contargo Network Logistics trains normally arrive over the weekend in Hof and Glauchau, however, we hope we shall be able to make good the delays, and will be able to carry out deliveries on Monday as planned.

We ask for your understanding in view of the difficulties caused by the weather, and will keep you up to date on the latest situation.

Contargo Network Logistics GmbH
Neue Wollkämmereistr. 1
21107 Hamburg
Phone: +49 40 311082299

Strikes in Antwerp Next Week

shutterstock 12458303819.11.2014 | Among other policies, the new government in Belgium has spoken out in favour of raising the age of retirement and stopping wage indexation.

In protest against these plans, various strikes will take place from Monday 24.11.2014 (6:00 am) to Tuesday 25.11.2014 (6:00 am).

At present it is not possible to foresee the extent to which the strikes will affect the port. However, delays and difficulties have to be expected.

We ask for your understanding and will keep you informed of the latest situation.

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