High Water on Rhine and Main - Situation Improves

The high water situation on the Rhine and the Main appears to be improving gradually. The first signs of falling water levels have appeared, and the present last peak is expected to pass Kaub some time this evening. Very probably, there will be no shipping ban in Koblenz, because the present water peak is not expected to come up to the relevant High Water Mark of 6,50m.

Provided there are no more heavy and persistent rainfalls in the Rhine basin, the water levels may go down sufficiently for shipping to start up again without danger to the vessels or the dykes. Contargo is prepared for this situation and has chartered additional tonnage so that the sailing schedule can be resumed as soon as possible.

At our terminals, apart from small inconveniences, Gustavsburg is the only terminal where there are some difficulties from time to time just now in reaching the terminal by truck.

Our rail systems are mainly booked out, and are running to schedule apart from some delays caused by the weather. Containers which are too urgent to wait for shipped to be resumed on the Rhine will be transported by direct truck. There are still sufficient capacities for this.

We will keep you informed here of the latest situation.


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