Measures by Contargo as a result of the third work interruption at the APM Terminal in Rotterdam

At present there is a tailback of 1600 handlings at the APM Terminal in Rotterdam, due to the repeated work stoppages since 01.02.2012. This is the equivalent of 80 hours’ work for one crane. The most recent interruption today will make the situation worse.

As a result of these facts, our Central Barge Dispatch Department has made the following decision: for future downstream trips, containers destined for the APM Terminal Rotterdam will not be loaded onto “ad hoc” barges. We will only load containers bound for the APM Terminal Rotterdam onto our barges with a 10-day schedule.

Due to the present situation in Rotterdam we are unfortunately not able to guarantee at present that closings will be kept to, or that cargo will be loaded onto specific vessels. This only applies to containers passing through the APM terminal.

If you have any queries, please get in touch with your local dispatch department.

Your Contargo Team



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