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Communiqué de presse du 16/11/2011

Danger of explosion in reefer systems from Vietnam is under control

Duisburg, November 16, 2011: One danger which container logistics expert Contargo has to guard against at present is faulty reefers from Vietnam. During their servicing in the Far East, some reefer systems were filled with the wrong refrigerant, which may explode when the reefer is connected up to a power supply. Incidents of this kind have already alerted sea carriers, who have now taken every precaution worldwide to ensure that the affected containers are taken out of circulation. Ralf Gerlach, responsible for safety at Contargo, states: “We are staying relaxed but alert about the situation. We are confident that the sea carriers are doing a thorough job in putting all the faulty reefers into ‘quarantine’ in good time. However, if we should be offered a “Vietnam Reefer” we are well prepared. Our inland vessels and our terminals have received appropriate instructions and our IT department has very speedily adapted our software systems, thus minimising any risk to our personnel.”

On average, Contargo transports 100 reefers every week. The staff are well aware of the great responsibility involved, because very valuable commodities often travel in the temperature-controlled boxes. For this reason Contargo, in close cooperation with Smith Holland, has set up a close-knit network of Reefer Service Stations along the Rhine. Gerlach gives the assurance: “We are well prepared, not only for the more usual types of faults that may occur – we also have tried and tested emergency plans for dealing with reefers systems containing the wrong refrigerant”, he says. 

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