BME train once again travelling via Emmerich Hub

From the coming weekend onwards, the BME train will once again be travelling via our own Contargo Hub in Emmerich.

In July and August 2016, the BME had to be re-routed via the Tilburg Hub due to a line closure between Oberhausen and Emmerich. This big construction site meant that trains bound for Antwerp/Rotterdam were concentrated in the border area of Venlo, near Tilburg, resulting in delays and consequent train cancellations over the past eight weeks.

The Export train leaving Basel on Saturday, 3 September 2016 will already be travelling again via our Contargo Hub in Emmerich. The advantages of transport via the Emmerich Hub are:

  • Stable, regular train paths for the rail transport between the Port of Basel and Emmerich

  • 3 departures per week for import and export – with the familiar departure and arrival days

  • Reliable running times and optimal connections to the seaports Antwerp / Rotterdam

  • VIP Reefer Service by rail

The arrival days of the BME import trains are: Tuesday / Thursday / Saturday

The departure days of the BME export trains are Tuesday / Thursday / Saturday

We are glad to be able to offer you our customary BME service once again. Thank you very much for your confidence in us and for your understanding over the past few weeks. We look forward to receiving your bookings.


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