Opening of Daimler Benz Consolidation Center in Speyer

Yesterday the official opening of the Daimler logistics centre took place in Speyer.

Since 1 April 2015, Contargo Wörth-Karlsruhe GmbH has been operating the 61,000 m2 container yard there. Contargo performs the on-site depot operation and is responsible for delivering containers just-in-time to the 50 gates of the halls in the Consolidation Center. Contargo also transports the containers by truck from the Consolidation Center to the barge and rail terminals in the region, and transports especially urgent consignments directly to the seaports.

For more information please contact:

Christopher Göttert
Contargo Wörth-Karlsruhe GmbH
Göteborger Str. 1
67346 Speyer
Fon 06232-8154410


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