Planning company Gateway Basel Nord pushes ahead with new container terminal

25.06.2015 | The three Swiss logistics and freight companies Contargo AG, Hupac SA and SBB Cargo AG established a joint planning company – Gateway Basel Nord – this week. It will push ahead with planning the new Basel Nord container terminal.

The advanced status of the project work for the Basel Nord container terminal makes it possible to submit a funding application soon for the financing of the first bi-modal expansion phase to the Federal Office of Transport (FOT). Gateway Basel Nord, the joint company set up in the past few days by the three companies Contargo, Hupac und SBB Cargo, will operate the bi-modal (road/rail) terminal once it has been completed. The new logistics hub will be open to all interested users – without discrimination – for the transhipment of containers and other load carriers used in intermodal transport.

"Efficient transhipment to bundle transport modes is key for Switzerland. The Swiss Rhine ports are therefore of paramount strategic importance to ensure supplies to Switzerland", explains Holger Bochow, Managing Director of Contargo.


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