Contargo and Rhenus receive funding approvals for e-trucks and infrastructure

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Photo: Basti Wöhl/BMVI

On 7 June 2022 Contargo and Rhenus Trucking received funding approvals authorised by the Federal Minister for Digital and Transport, Dr. Volker Wissing, for 28 battery-driven 44-tonners and the relevant infrastructure. The trucks will be in service at the terminals of the Contargo container hinterland logistics network, enabling customers to be offered even more climate-friendly transports in future.

Rhenus Trucking will now place immediate orders for the vehicles with various manufacturers, making them available progressively to their customers and to sister company Contargo.

Contargo will put the battery-driven semi-trailer tractors into service at its locations in Döhlau/Hof, Duisburg, Emmelsum, Emmerich, Frankfurt-Höchst, Frankfurt-Ost, Gustavsburg, Hamburg, Karlsruhe, Koblenz, Ludwigshafen, Mannheim, Neuss, Weil am Rhein and Wörth am Rhein.

The support programme in accordance with guideline KsNI (for environmentally friendly commercial vehicles and infrastructure) is intended to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by the use of alternative drives for the transport of goods by road. The funding authorisation covers not only 28 heavy semi-trailer tractor units, but also the charging infrastructure such as transformers, battery storage, energy management systems and all the work necessary to put these in place.




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