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Contargo’s Group Procurement creates synergy effects by bundling similar equipment interests. We see ourselves as service providers for the individual terminals, centralised in order to obtain the best possible purchasing conditions, guarantees and warranty agreements. The central procurement of copying paper or toilet rolls - which are transported from terminal to terminal by barge and delivered on pallets according to the terminal’s order - are just as much a part of this as the purchasing of large machines like reach stackers (RSTs), lift trucks and cranes. Just now the RST park of the Group comprises more than 50 machines with a total value of over 15 million Euro. These are used in Germany and other European countries. The locations of our parent company Rhenus AG also benefit from the framework agreements with all major manufacturers. Traffic signs, company signs and labels, protective clothing, office supplies, road markings, industrial fencing and many more all belong to the portfolio of Central Procurement. Active participation in associations and committees creates contacts to manufacturers and other enterprises in our sector, enabling us to participate in the innovative shaping of new developments and service improvements.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance covers the aspects of health and safety at work, dangerous goods and protection against terrorism. With the help of IT solutions developed by us, we steer and control the implementation of laws and regulations governing occupational safety and dangerous goods. An IT system records and documents whether employees have gone through all the necessary training sessions and medical examinations required per year, and whether the coffee machine in the recreation room has been electrically inspected. At the time of the Fukushima accident and the associated problems with containers from that sea area, we were the first logistics provider in Germany to equip our terminals with measuring devices and issue working and operating instructions in cooperation with the environmental agencies and radiation protection authorities of all the German states. Daily reports on dangerous goods containers, giving the times they remain at the terminal (24 hours in transit) are important, as is control of the permitted categories of dangerous goods that are allowed to be handled.

In the terminals where interim storage of dangerous goods in excess of 24 hours is permitted (which are classified as ‘hazardous incident plants’ and are therefore compliant with all the stringent safety and security conditions this requires), we appoint an Accident Coordination Officer.

The sites in Duisburg, Coblenz and Ludwigshafen are ISPS certified, and seagoing vessels are able to dock there. Over the last few years up to 12 motor coasters per year have been processed there without incident. Here, too, permanent contact with port safety authorities, federal and regional criminal investigation offices, and customs, is necessary and is required. Training sessions and practices, carried out four times a year, heighten employees’ awareness and make them alert to any suspect procedures. Camera surveillance, access control and time recording are an integral part of our safety concept and our procurement strategy.

In this connection we also support the development of terminals and the construction and rebuilding of sites where all these safety aspects are to be taken into account.

Water levels

19 Jul 2019

Kaub 172 -8
Ruhrort 314 -1
Emmerich 162 -5

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