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Press Release 12 Apr 2021

Action against bacteria, viruses and moulds  

More and more countries are introducing stringent disinfection regulations in their ports – not only as protection from Corona, but also to avoid the unintentional introduction of foreign plant and animal species and dangerous microorganisms. For this reason, as of now Contargo AG in Basel is offering the professional disinfection of empty containers as a new service.

“The treatment of the containers is carried out by our personnel using Diosol-19 and a special fumigation device”, says Daniel Kaufmann, Managing Director Contargo Basel. “The agent, consisting of hydrogen peroxide and silver ions, decomposes completely into steam and oxygen, and is thus environmentally friendly and non-damaging to materials. In addition, trace amounts of silver remain on the surfaces and prevent microorganisms from multiplying. We then seal the empty container, and the customer receives a certificate that the disinfection has been successfully carried out.”

In this way up to 20 containers per day can be effectively freed from bacteria, viruses and moulds directly at the Basel terminal by three trained employees. Contargo offers this service not only for containers stored in the Basel depot, but also for containers that are brought to the terminal especially for this purpose.

About Contargo

With an annual transport volume of 2.1 million TEU, Contargo is one of the largest container logistics networks in Europe. Contargo integrates container transport between the western seaports, the German North Sea ports and the European hinterland. The enterprise has 24 container terminals at its disposal in Germany, France and Switzerland and maintains offices at seven additional locations in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium. Contargo also operates its own barge and rail lines. In 2020 the workforce of 1,158 employees achieved a turnover of 513 million Euro.


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