Funding application submitted for Dock Basin 3

Press Release 19 Aug 2016

As part of the trimodal Gateway Basel Nord container terminal project, the Port of Switzerland has submitted a funding application for Dock Basin 3 to the Swiss Federal Office of Transport. The planned dock basin will link the container terminal to the inland shipping network so that the growing container traffic volumes can be accommodated over the long term. Dock Basin 3 will also strengthen the competitiveness of Basel as a freight transshipment site, secure jobs in the region and promote the transfer of freight traffic from road to rail. The construction of Dock Basin 3 is an important investment in the future.

In May 2016, Gateway Basel Nord AG announced the start of the planning approval process for the road/rail container terminal. In July 2016, the Port of Switzerland (SRH) submitted the funding application for the waterway connection (Dock Basin 3). Accordingly, the plans for the trimodal Gateway Basel Nord container terminal have been officially presented to the Swiss Federal Office of Transport (FOT) for inspection. The FOT will now examine the application on the basis of the Federal Goods Carriage Act.

A boost for inland shipping

The construction of Dock Basin 3 is of crucial importance, and not only for the Port of Switzerland. The existing infrastructure will soon be unable to accommodate the current growth rates in container traffic. Even now, capacity at the Rhine port terminals is very well utilized and is set to reach its limits by 2019 at the latest. Without the planned inland waterway access to Gateway Basel Nord, the growing volumes of waterway traffic would be forced to unload at other inland ports on the Rhine. The freight would then have to be trucked through Basel and Switzerland by European haulage companies. Not only would this put jobs at risk in Switzerland, it would also substantially increase the volume of road-freight throughout the Basel region.

As Hans-Peter Hadorn, Director of the Port of Switzerland, explains, "We are seeking a sustainable, forward-looking development that benefits all partners at the freight transshipment site in Basel, shifts freight from the region's motorways and secondary roads to the rail network and, most importantly, secures jobs in Switzerland. Dock Basin 3 is a key element in the achievement of these goals."

Gateway Basel Nord AG also welcomes submission of the Dock Basin 3 funding application. Inland waterway access to the container terminal is crucial for the planning company. Trimodal operation presents a great opportunity for this logistics hub – the only one of its kind in Switzerland. This is the only way that a high proportion of container freight can be transferred directly from inland vessels to rail for eco-friendly onward transport.

Technical feasibility and high safety standards met

Technical feasibility has been extensively investigated by the Port of Switzerland and carefully tested in several simulation runs – safety being a key issue. A 55-metre wide entrance and 330-metre long quayside will allow the simultaneous loading and unloading of two push barges.

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