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Press Release 11 Feb 2013

Contargo withdraws from NeCoSS

Duisburg, February 11, 2013: Contargo GmbH & Co. KG is opting out of combined transport train operator NeCoSS. The management of Contargo has given as the reason differences of opinion between Contargo and the other shareholders of NeCoSS GmbH regarding the business strategy of the enterprise.

NeCoSS GmbH (Neutral Container Shuttle System), which was founded more than ten years ago, is a combined train operator whose offer includes hinterland¬ connections to Schweinfurt, Glauchau, Hof, Nürnberg, Wiesau, Stuttgart and Heilbronn.

Contargo most recently held 49.8 percent of the shares. Other shareholders are the Eisenbahnen und Verkehrsbetriebe Elbe-Weser GmbH, Zeven and Acos Transport Helmut Frank GmbH, Bremen.

“Experience over the past years has shown that the shareholders of NeCoSS have very different views on the direction NeCoSS should take”, stated Thomas Löffler, Co-Managing Director of Contargo. “For this reason we have decided to part with our business interest.”

About Contargo
With a yearly transport throughput of approximately 1.6 million TEU, Contargo is one of the biggest container logistics networks in Europe. Contargo integrates container transport between the western seaports, the German North Sea ports and the European hinterland. The company has 25 container terminals at its disposal at inland ports in Germany, the Netherlands, France and Switzerland. Contargo also operates its own transport lines: four inland barge lines and two rail lines. In 2011 the workforce of 800 employees achieved an annual turnover of 380 million Euro.


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Contact partner at Contargo: Heinrich Kerstgens, Tel.: +49 621 59007 184, hkerstgens@contargo.net
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