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Press Release 24 Jan 2011

Kai Hansen, Contargo’s Representative in Hamburg

Hamburg, January 24, 2011: In Hamburg's ‘Zweite Hafenstrasse', close to the international carriers and overseas transport companies, Contargo, the Duisburg-based container logistics network, has its own representation. This is the job of qualified Shipping and Chartering Manager Kai Hansen. Hansen is a salesman, and the ‘product' he sells is container hinterland transports, an important service for sea carriers and forwarders. Contargo, as an essential link in international transport chains, ensures that containerised goods travel safely, fast and reliably from the seaport to the consignee's loading ramp, and vice versa - at a reasonable price.

Kai Hansen trained as a shipping and chartering manager in Kiel. Following military service, he then acquired the additional qualification of State-examined Business Manager. Hansen gained his first professional experience and in 2001 joined Combined Container Service, an enterprise which was later absorbed into the Contargo network. His tasks are many and varied, for no two transport assignments are exactly alike. Again and again, special requirements need to be met, and met at an ever-increasing pace. The man from Kiel takes all this in his stride and finds his work as enjoyable as on the first day.

Containers leaving Hamburg travel to their destination by truck or rail, including the rail service provider NeCoSS, in which Contargo is also a shareholder. With transports to and from the western seaports, the situation is different: here Contargo prefers to use inland barges and the Contargo network has a fleet of 22 inland vessels available for this purpose on a time charter contract basis. Hansen himself also sees a lot of potential in the development of inland waterway transport. His vision for 2030 is of hydrofoils transporting containers via the Rhine and other inland waterways at higher speeds, but with lower CO2 emissions than today.

Kai Hansen is at home in the "Altes Land", the peaceful apple-orchard country outside the gates of the Hanseatic City. There his two daughters and dog Lolle make sure he stays fit and active. When the weather is fine and no DIY tasks beckon, Hansen can be seen out and about on his motorbike.

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Contact partner at Contargo: Heinrich Kerstgens, Tel.: +49 621 59007 184, hkerstgens@contargo.net
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