25 Nov 2019

Adaptation of congestion surcharges for the western seaports

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Photo: PhotographyByMK / Shutterstock.com

Thanks to a slight improvement in the situation at the western seaports, on 1 January 2020 Contargo will be in a position to reduce the Congestion Surcharge for container transports via the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp from 19.50 € to 15.00 € per container/direction. As well as using dedicated barges, establishing several fixed windows at terminals in Rotterdam, and adapting the sailing schedules of our barges, we have succeeded in introducing transport process optimisations. We are now glad to be able to pass this cost reduction on to you.


Together with all participants, Contargo will continue to pursue the aim of improving throughput times in the seaports and reducing the congestion surcharge.


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