07 May 2019

Contargo receives first electric truck for container transports

Today in Duisburg Contargo put the first of six container trucks with electric motors into operation. The aim is to advance one step further towards decarbonisation by 2050.

The first E-truck in the fleet will go to DIT, Duisburg Intermodal Terminal, where it will be used for the delivery and collection of containers. Later this year DIT will receive a second electric truck. Four more 44-tonners will be delivered in the course of 2019 to Contargo’s terminals in Neuss and Emmerich, two manufactured by Framo and two by Eforce.

“By operating the six E-trucks, CO2 emissions will be reduced by at least 38 percent compared to using diesel trucks, even with conventional electricity. When all the participating terminals have switched completely to green electricity, CO2 emissions will be reduced by as much as 89 percent”, says Kristin Kahl, Sustainable Solutions, Contargo.


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