27 Mar 2019

Contargo invites visitors on Logistics Day

On 11 April 2019, seven locations of the container hinterland logistics network Contargo are inviting people to tour their sites. Visitors, who should register beforehand, will be welcomed to the terminals in Duisburg, Hof, Mannheim, Neuss, Wiesau and Wörth, and the forwarding department in Döhlau. Here they will have a look at life behind the scenes in container logistics and its associated professions.

“It sometimes seems to me that people regard logisticians as beings from another planet”, says Heinrich Kerstgens, Co-Managing Director of Contargo. “By taking part in Logistics Day we want to help change this view. Very many different professions are represented at our terminals, including fitters and metalworkers, crane operators, administrative clerks, port logistics specialists and commercial specialists for forwarding and logistics. These different occupations have one thing in common: they are all very varied, because there are new challenges to be met every day.”

For a long time now the challenges have been growing so complex that digital technology is used in almost all areas. Computers in the office are to be expected – but crane operators also use tablets, and truck drivers arrange their handling times with an app. So that processes do not have to be adapted to the software, but the software can meet the needs of the enterprise and adapt flexibly to new challenges, Contargo often develops its own software in-house. Some examples of this are the tariff information system IMTIS, the Online slot assignment app STAR and the new Terminal Operating System.


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